There is more wisdom in your body than in your deepest philosophies. 



Why do we actively move our bodies?

We live in an age when movement itself has become fragmented; we label it as exercise, recreation, socialization, choreography, and entertainment. We create categories like dance, yoga, performance and circus arts; and we break these into smaller subcategories to specialize in. Basically, we have a tendency to think about it more than actively engaging in it. At what cost do we do this? McKenzie Brill, the creator of Somatic Rhythms, asserts the overarching concept that movement has the ability to transcend any mental label and the mind entirely. Rooted in the body, rather than our overworked brains, movement is a timeless and instinctive activity. She attributes dance and movement to one of our most ancient and basic human functions, beginning with the physical reaction to drumbeats and the ever present innate yearning for creativity and joy.

“Humans have always used creativity as a mechanism to experience freedom and expression” she said. “The more we converge to produce and experience joy together, the more we’re celebrating ourselves - thus are reminded to carry love and compassion into our daily lives and mundane obligations. Free flow bodily conversations with music as wells as disciplinary technique of movement both hold a special place for humans to experience liberation and joy - movement serves as a catalyst for empowerment."